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Generator World's Largest Wind Turbine

Written By LINGGAR on Thursday, November 17, 2011 | 4:17 AM

Terbesqr wind turbine generators in the world currently in testing in the North Sea, about 25 m off the eastern coast of Scotland near the Beatrice oil field. It is the first large turbines offshore is tested in place, also the first wind turbine generators installed in the sea deep enough - with a depth of 44 m. Installation took place in August 2006.
The same prototype turbine has been operating in Brunsb├╝ttel, Germany, since 2004, which requires 1300 cubic meters of concrete foundasi made of 40 concrete pillars along the 24 meters and 120 tons of steel. In December 2006 two other wind turbines with a capacity of 5 MW has been installed in the field testing of DEWI-OCC in Cuxhaven, Germany, and already in operation. Location Cuxhaven near the North Sea water-retaining embankments. There are plans to install a number of these giant turbines at other locations.
Repower turbines made in Germany has a capacity of 5 MW with a rotor blade diameter of 126 meters with winds sweep area covering 12.000 m2. Maximum power output achieved at wind speed 5.13 m / sec, but the power of 2 MW can still dibangktkan at low wind speeds. Turbine rotors start spinning at wind speeds of 3 m / sec, and will stop automatically when the wind reaches a speed of 30 m / sec.
Power control is achieved by turning the blade pitching rotor blades individually from strong winds to prevent damage to structures.
Each turbine weighs 900 tons, including more than 120 m high tower that must be firmly planted on the seabed. Each turbine blade length is 61.5 meters and weigh 18 tons. LM Glasfiber, the turbine maker, has demonstrated achievement meminimalan weight of the turbine, thereby reducing the costs and effects on the environment.
Wind turbine power plants like it very suitable for offshore lokai who have high and consistent wind speed and turbulence are minimal. Based on wind speed recorded at the Beatrice offshore locations, these turbines will operate for approximately 96% of the number of days per year (8440 days) and generate full power of 5 MW for 38% hours of operation per year (3300 days). (Source: www.reuk.co.uk).
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